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Operations by pull request: An Ansible GitOps story

Breakout session
Gonéri Le Bouder head shot

Timothy Appnel

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Session abstract

GitOps is a means of accelerating and simplifying application deployments and operations tasks using Git version control as your system’s "source of truth" and pull requests to manage, automate, and track changes. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how implementing effective GitOps workflows with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform has never been easier using the webhooks capabilities in Ansible Tower. We’ll explore the topic with a brief overview of what GitOps is and some basic recommended practices in implementing such a workflow. Then, we’ll walk through how to set up and configure webhooks with Ansible Automation Platform. We’ll conclude with a live demonstration of using Ansible Tower in a GitOps workflow for Kubernetes multicluster deployment and management.

Session speaker

Gonéri Le Bouder head shot

Tim Appnel

Red Hat

Tim is a product manager, evangelist and "Jack of all trades" on the Ansible team at Red Hat.

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