Rafael BenevidesBurr Sutter
November 2, 2017

Why you’re going to fail running Java on Docker | DevNation Tech Talk

Running Java™ on Docker is easy, right? Just create a Dockerfile, run a Docker build and then you’re ready to go. This way of thinking is the easiest path to complete failure when running Docker containers in production. The JVM knows how to auto-tune itself to achieve the best possible performance in the environment in which it’s running. So far, that environment has been a single physical or virtual machine. But containers change everything—you need to know how containers manages their own resources, and you need to apply this knowledge when running and optimizing your JVM running in a container. In this session, you’ll learn: * The best way to run Java on Docker in production. * A lot about JVM and containers to avoid the highway to debugging hell. * Simple tips & tricks to save you many hours logging and debugging container problems.