Red Hat Developer Program

Tracking Huge Files With Git LFS (Tim Pettersen)

Developers love Git for its raw speed, powerful history traversal, distributed nature, and the fact that it was built by uber developer Linus Torvalds. What we don't love is the fact that, out of the box, Git has terrible support for tracking large binary files. Fortunately, developers from Atlassian, GitHub, and Visual Studio Online have teamed up to work on an open source project to solve this problem: Git LFS (Large File Support). This means researchers, web designers, game developers, multimedia producers, and all other developers who need to work with large data and rich media can move off legacy-centralized systems and start using modern version control. In this session, we'll cover the computer science behind Git LFS' internals and architecture, CLI usage, and how to build an effective Git LFS workflow for a development team. You'll leave with an understanding of how Git LFS works under the hood and some practical advice on using Git LFS with your software projects and teams.