Red Hat Developer Program


ThreadSafe is a static analysis product for finding concurrency bugs in multi-threaded Java programs. Such bugs can be difficult to find using conventional testing methods. They may occur randomly due to non-deterministic scheduling behaviour, and can be hard to replicate. ThreadSafe analyses can be from within the Eclipse IDE, and/or in conjunction with the Sonar quality dashboard. ThreadSafe is developed by Contemplate, a spin-out company from the University of Edinburgh. Following its commercial release, it has been installed by an investment bank that participated in Contemplate's Early Adopter Program, and is under evaluation in others. The design intent is not only to identify the subtle issues which can arise in multi-threaded software development, but also to provide an easy to use user experience which allows the developer to quickly understand the analysis and to take remedial action, where required, with confidence and understanding. Contemplate will talk about its focus on concurrency, and demonstrate ThreadSafe's analysis of some Open Source examples.