Red Hat Developer Program

Push It. Push It Good: Continuous Integration And Deployment For The People (Andrew Lee Rubinger)

We know how to code. We know how to test. But all too often, we’re disjointed in bringing our applications to life in production. In this practical session based on the lessons showcased in the Summit middleware keynote, we’ll walk through both the concepts and software that lets developers push to production with confidence. Join the Developer Experience Engineering team as we give you a chance to quickly get started with a full deployment pipeline for new applications, focusing on: * Testability as a first-class citizen * Using the cloud as an extension of your local development environment * Reviewing your changes in isolation in a production-like environment * A smooth merge process to get your changes upstream * Getting your stuff live, reliably and efficiently See how we brought everything to life on the big stage during the middleware keynote and take some lessons home to try yourself.