Steve Pousty Grant Shipley

Microservices & you: Practical Introduction

This session introduces the basic ideas behind microservices, covers the pros and cons of them, and gets started on building your first one.

FULL ABSTRACT: Curious about microservices? Want to hear what happens when you actually use them in your environments? This session introduces the basic ideas behind microservices and goes on to discuss some pros and cons of using them. We’ll discuss the process I went through in constructing, a multi-device application for gamified recording of roadkill. We’ll review the code and tools used to run the whole application, with a focus on how a microservices architecture was used to produce the mapping experience in FlatFluffy. Join this informal, interactive session where you’ll have the opportunity to ask your implementation questions. Come in curious, and leave with a solid understanding of how to get started on your first microservice-architected application.