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2012 Red Hat Summit: Part 1, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Roadmap

In this 'Best of' session at the 2012 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World, Tim Burke, vice president of Linux Engineering at Red Hat, describes feature enhancements in recently released versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Burke then has his team of engineering development managers highlight their technology area and key initiatives. They also discuss emerging technologies targeted for delivery in future releases. Burke first gives a brief Red Hat Enterprise Linux life cycle overview, and an explanation of various themes within Linux development today. He then explores timeframes and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 feature possibilities and Fedora 18 enhancements. He then turns the session over to his teams, who present technology area highlights, including information about: - virtualization - kernel and virtual memory - hardware enablement - storage and volume management - filesystem and Gluster Watch Part 2 of this session video: Watch more 2012 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World videos: