Red Hat Developer Program
July 6, 2012

2012 Red Hat Summit: How Red Hat OpenShift Achieves Multi-Tenancy in the Cloud

Come learn about what goes on behind the scenes with Red Hat OpenShift and the implications of having all of a project's operations running entirely in the public cloud. Brett Lentz, senior software engineer at Red Hat, will cover the tools, design patterns, and security considerations that are critical to make operating in the public cloud a success. He will also spend a significant part of the session discussing configuration management and automation techniques as they are key factors for success in the OpenShift environment. Living in the public cloud has significant security implications that will be discussed in depth. Tools and concepts such as SELinux, update lifecycle management, and "SSL/TLS Everywhere" are not just good ideas, but crucial to succeeding in the public cloud. Brett will cover tools and techniques for easing the integration of these and other security tools. Brett will also discuss how identifying powerful, reusable design patterns has allowed the OpenShift team to find efficiencies, enabling it to move at a rapid pace and not just put out fires, but to continually roll out new features and incremental functionality improvements.