Red Hat Fuse Connectors

Distributed, cloud-native integration platform

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Easily consume and publish messages from JMS queues or topics

Create, modify or extract contents from PDF documents using Apache PDFBox library

Asynchronously consume or call any external HTTP resources

Consume and publish messages with any AMQP 1.0 compliant messaging platform

Interface with distributed streaming platform Apache Kakfa

Interface with Apache Spark based large-scale data processing jobs

Send notifications to and consume feedback from Apple Push Notification Servers (APNS)

Consume data published by websites, blogs and other sites that publish atom feeds.

Consume and generate avro serialized data, either in-process or remotely using http or netty

Supports storing and retrieving data from/to Amazon’s DynamoDB service.

Supports create, run, start, stop and terminate AWS EC2 instances.

Supports receiving messages from and sending messages to Amazon Kinesis service.

Supports create, get, list, delete and invoke AWS Lambda functions.

Supports create, run, start, stop and terminate AWS MQ instances.

Supports storing and retrieving objects from/to Amazon’s S3 service.

Provide connectivity to Azure services from Camel.

Easily bind message exchanges to beans or Plain old java objects (POJO) in a registry

Improve quality of message exchanges to bean or Plain old java objects (POJO) calls

Read, write, manage, collaborate on files in Box using Box API’s

Access various Braintree payment services like credit and debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and more

Send exchanges or messages to a simple Browsable Endpoint which can be useful for testing, visualisation tools or debugging.

Boost performance, simplify scalability by interfacing with EHCache

Easily bind message exchanges to java class or Plain old java objects (POJO)

For adding/reading nodes to/from a CMIS compliant content repositories by using the Apache Chemistry client API.

Allows you to work with CoAP, a lightweight REST-type protocol for machine-to-machine operation.

Push exchanges or messages directly into the browser using an AJAX based mechanism.

For providing easy management and monitoring of Camel applications based on the Control Bus EIP pattern.

For enabling treatment of CouchDB instances as a producer or consumer of messages.

For providing flexible endpoints to sign and verify exchanges using the Signature Service of the Java Cryptographic Extension.

Interface with webServices through JAX WS or JAX RS using Apache CXF services framework

Enables to marshal or unmarshal a message in one of the standard Camel data formats, by sending it to an endpoint.

Perform load & soak testing by easily create huge number of messages for sending to your services.

For providing direct, synchronous (single-threaded) invocation of any consumers when a producer sends a message exchange.

For providing direct, synchronous invocation of any consumers in the JVM when a producer sends a message exchange.

For providing asynchronous SEDA behavior much similar to a SEDA endpoint, but uses a Disruptor instead of a blocking queue.

For looking up domain information and run DNS queries using DNSJava

Read, search, write or manipulate files in DropBox using DropBox API’s

Interface with MQTT messaging using Eclipse Paho library

To bind message exchanges to EJBs using the Bean binding. 

Receive OSGi EventAdmin events and process them in an OSGi environment.

Extend solution by executing system commands to start other processes or jobs.

Easily interface with Facebook API's to securely access or change social updates

Access file systems to easily move transformed data to files or read data from files for further processing

Process fixed width or delimited files or messages using the FlatPack library

Renders messages into different output formats using Apache FOP.

Process a message using a FreeMarker template. Ideal for generating responses for requests.

Easily read or write files to remote file systems using FTP or SFTP protocols.

Lookup geocodes (latitude and longitude) for a given address, or perform reverse look-up.

Easily interface with generic source control Git repository

The GitHub component interacts with the GitHub API by encapsulating egit-github.

Supports sending of emails via the GAE mail service.

Provides access to Google Calendar via the Google Calendar Web APIs.

Read, search, write or manipulate files on Google Drive using Google Drive API’s

Enable publish-subscribe-style communication between components without requiring the components to explicitly register with one another.

Read/write from/to an HBase store (Hadoop database).

The hdfs2 component enables you to read and write messages from/to an HDFS file system

Exchange, integrate, share, retrieve Electronic health information based on HL7 model using the HAPI library

Consume or interface with external HTTP resources using Apache HTTP Client 4.x

Extend solution by interfacing with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels.

Read or write to a fully-supported distributed cache and data grid for faster integration services

Interface with cloud compute & blobstore service via JClouds.

For storing a message in a JCR (JSR-170) compliant repository like Apache Jackrabbit.

Easily access or change application information stored in a database through JDBC

Consume and produce HTTP requests using Jetty as a web server or client

Validate the payload of a message using RelaxNG or RelaxNG compact syntax.

To allow messages to be sent to (or consumed from) a JMS Queue or Topic.

Consume or subscribe to Managed Beans (MBeans) notifications

Store and retrieve Java objects from persistent storage using EJB 3's Java Persistence Architecture (JPA)

To support the SCP protocol using the Client API of the Jsch project.

For integrating with data queues on an AS/400 (aka System i, IBM i, i5, ...) system.

Interface with Kubernetes container orchestration platform

Execute language scripts for more dynamic routing capabilities.

For performing searches on LDAP servers (Scope must be one of object|onelevel|subtree).

To provide persistent support for various Camel features such as Aggregator in Apache Camel Development Guide.

Easily retrieve LinkedIn user profiles, connections, groups, posts, and more using LinkedIn REST API's

Log message exchange to some underlying logging system like log4j by using Jakarta Commons Logging

To perform Java-based indexing and full text based searches using advanced analysis/tokenization capabilities using Apache Lucene.

For using in the context of a fabric-enabled Red Hat Jboss Fuse container.

Create powerful declartive testing expectations for more robust testing

Interface with NoSQL MongoDB database and collections

Camel MongoDB3 component Use the Mongo Driver for Java 3.4

Consume IOT or M2M messages from MQTT compliant message brokers like Apache ActiveMQ or Mosquitto

Perform XML validation of the message body using the MSV Library

Use Templating to generate responses for requests using a Mustache template.

Use Templating to generate responses for requests using a MVEL template.

To query, poll, insert, update or delete in a relational database using MyBatis.

Send passive checks to Nagios Infrastructure monitoring using JSendNSCA.

Enables quick and easy development of netwServerInitializerFactoryork applications

The netty4-http component is an extension to Netty4 component to facilitiate HTTP transport.

Expand your integration services to interface with Open Data Format (OData) compliant data services

To receive PaxLogging events and process them in an OSGI environment.

For using property placeholders directly in endpoint URI definitions.

For providing a scheduled delivery of messages using the Quartz Scheduler 2.x.

For producing and consuming messages from a RabbitMQ instance.

Lookup of existing component endpoints bound in the Registry.

Allows to define REST endpoints (consumer) using the Rest DSL and plugin to other Camel components as the REST transport.

For consuming and producing Restful resources using Restlet.

Bind exchanges to the remote method invocation RMI protocol (JRMP).

For polling RSS feeds. Apache Camel polls feed every 60 seconds

Easily interface with Salesforce API's for inbound as well as outbound communication from SalesForce

Enable outbound and inbound communication to and from SAP systems using synchronous remote function calls, sRFC.

Connect to SAP Concur to obtain all lists, obtain a particular list, create or update a list. 

Easily consume SAP services through HTTP transport using the SAP NetWeaver Gateway

Provide asynchronous SEDA behavior, so that messages are exchanged on a BlockingQueue

Easily interface with ServiceNow service management REST API’s

To provide HTTP based endpoints for consuming HTTP requests that arrive at a HTTP endpoint and this endpoint is bound to a published Servlet.

For bootstrapping Camel applications in Web applications.

For controlling multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP)

For using with Camel that employs best practices for JMS client creation and configuration.

Easily interface with Slack collaboration tool and channels

To send and receive SMS using Short Messaging Service Center using the JSMPP library.

Extend solution by easily sending emails using SMTP and JavaMail

For enabling polling of SNMP capable devices or receiving traps.

To allow interface with an Apache Lucene Solr server.

Provides access to Splunk, and enables publishing and searching for events in Splunk.

To provide integration bridge between Camel and Spring Batch infrastructure.

To publish ApplicationEvent objects to a Spring ApplicationContext or to consume them.

To talk to spring integration endpoints by providing a bridge for Apache Camel components.

Provide a Camel wrapper for Spring Lightweght Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Send and receive messages from Redis, an advanced key-value store

Interface with Spring Web Services offering clientside support and serverside support

Interface with different databases using JDBC SQL queries

Access SSH servers, send SSH commands and process response

For processing messages through a SAX ContentHandler.

For sending messages to or receiving messages from Stomp compliant message brokers, like Apache ActiveMQ or ActiveMQ Apollo

To provide access to the, System.out and System.err streams as well as allowing streaming of file and URL.

To process a message using a String Template ideal when using Templating to generate responses for requests.

Stub out some physical middleware endpoint for easier testing or debugging

Expose REST services and their APIs using Swagger specification

For creating a Mock endpoint which expects to receive all the message bodies that could be polled from the given underlying endpoint.

Schedule processing of services via messages using Timer

Provides access to Version 2010-04-01 of Twilio REST APIs accessible using Twilio Java SDK.

Allow direct, polling, or event-driven consumption of timelines, users, trends, and direct messages using the Twitter API.

To validate the payload of a message using XML Schema and JAXP Validation.

To process a message using an Apache Velocity template.

For working with the Vertx Event Bus, which sends and receives JSON events.

To provide asynchronous SEDA behavior, exchanging messages on a BlockingQueue and invoking consumers in a separate thread pool.

For polling weather information from Open Weather Map site, which provides free global weather and forecast information.

For communicating with clients using Websocket by providing websocket endpoints.

To generate and validate XML signatures as described in the W3C standard XML Signature Syntax and Processing.

Interface with XMPP (Jabber) room based or private person-to-person conversations

Extend solution by processing a message using an XQuery template

Extend solution with enhanced transformations using an XSLT template.

Enable interaction with the Yammer enterprise social network.

Easily interact with a ZooKeeper distributed cluster