Explore the sample developer portal

OpenShift API Management provides a sample developer portal for a preconfiguredAPI as a starting point for creating your own developer portal. In this lesson, you’ll customize this sample developer portal to create the look and feel you want. To start:

  1. In the OpenShift API Management admin portal, choose Audience from the context selector at the top.
  2. In the navigation tree on the left, expand Developer Portal and click Content to display the editing environment where you can create a developer portal (Figure 1).
View the default developer portal.
Figure 1: View the default developer portal.


Under Root, you can view the resources hierarchy for the developer portal:

  • Documentation, Homepage, and Show are the foundation pages for the developer portal. Click on each of these to see the corresponding HTML on the right pane. 
  • Folders below those pages contain pages that pull the OpenShift API Management resources into the developer portal. 
  • The New Page drop-down on top right lets you add resources to the developer portal.

In the next sections, you will change the logo as well as some text and update your developer portal to display documentation for the Quarkus API.