Display Quarkus OpenAPI documentation in developer portal

In this part, you will make the necessary customization to display the API specs of the newly imported rhoam-quarkus-openapi API in the developer portal instead of the default specification that is part of the sample portal.

  1. Navigate to the Audience→Developer portal→Content menu.
  2. Choose All→Root  and click  Documentation to view the content of the developer portal documentation page.
  3. In Page 'Documentation' (Figure 4), scroll down to see the code for  the documentation landing page. 
Figure 4: View the code for the documentation landing page.


  1. Line 5 in Figure 4 currently contains:

      {% assign spec = provider.api_specs.first %}

               Replace that text with:

              {% assign spec = provider.api_specs.rhoam_quarkus_openapi %}

              Note that rhoam_quarkus_openapi corresponds to the system name of the API document you defined in the previous section.

  1. Click Save.


Figure 5: Ensure that the documentation refers to the OpenAPI documentation of rhoam_quarkus_openapi.