Kafka 101

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Learn about the fundamentals of Apache Kafka. This tutorial covers basic concepts of Kafka and its components.

For the best experience in this learning path, we suggest that you complete the following learning resources in the order shown. When you click on a resource, it will open in a new tab. Keep this page open so you can easily move on to the next resource!

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What is Apache Kafka?

What is Apache Kafka? Apache Kafka is a distributed data streaming platform that

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What are topics?

What are topics? A topic is a collection of messages that you want to group

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What are partitions?

What are partitions? A partition contains a subset of the messages written to a

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What are messages?

What are messages? A message or record is a key/value pair with data for the

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What are producers?

What are producers? Producers publish messages to a topic, which appends each

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What are consumers?

What are consumers? Each message published to a topic is delivered to a consumer

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Kafka ecosystem

Kafka ecosystem The brokers and API are not the only tools offered to developers

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