Test the API

At this point, you can start making requests to your API via a HTTP client, as follows:

  1. Navigate back to the rhoam-quarkus-openapi product from the Products list.
  2. Open the Integration→Configuration section using the side menu and scroll down to the Staging APIcast section (Figure 19).
Figure 19: View the configuration and staging URL of the rhoam-quarkus-openapi product.


  1. Copy the staging URL from URL field, e.g.:


  1. Visit the staging URL in a browser or using your preferred HTTP client. Append /fruits to the path before the ?user_key portion of the URL. A list of fruits should be returned in JSON format (Figure 20).
Figure 20: View results of the API call.

Congratulations, you’ve gotten your Quarkus API pushed into a staging OpenShift API Management environment!