An IT executive's guide to automation

An IT executive's guide to automation

Red Hat


With the increasing maintenance costs, scale, and complexity of IT infrastructure, automation is critical for organizations operating in hybrid and multicloud environments. Automating IT operations lets you do more with what you have, freeing up teams to work on projects that deliver greater business value. 

IT automation solutions like Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform help organizations scale infrastructure, strengthen security, and improve customer experience by delivering new services and features faster. 

In this short guide, you will:

  • Discover the benefits of a long-term transformative automation strategy.
  • Explore automation adoption best practices.
  • Get tips on what to look for in an automation platform.
  • Learn how to automate your infrastructure with Red Hat.


With digital transformation spanning people, processes, and technology, it’s important to understand how automation touches each of these elements. 

  • People: Improve morale by moving people from mundane cost center tasks to contributing to profit centers and innovation
  • Technology: Automate tasks and workflows

Processes: What were once human workflows become automated processes

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