Effective Business Process Management with JBoss BPM

Eric D. Schabell
book cover


Need to improve operational efficiency? Want to capture organizational processes to create repeatable, measurable, and consistent execution of your goals? Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite solves real world optimization challenges. Author and Red Hatter, Eric D. Schabell, provides a step-by-step review of Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite, a powerful and easy-to-use business process management system.

In this Manning book, learn how to:

  • Automate and accelerate business operations across a wide range of use cases.

  • Install Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite, start your first project, and deploy to Red Hat OpenShift.

  • Generate a simple set of data objects that represent the manipulated data.

  • Create, manage, and deploy business logic rules for a BPM project.


This is the basis of BPM, to be able to identify and capture processes in an organization to create repeatable, measurable, and consistent execution of their goals to drive the business forward.

By using historical data captured in previous process instances it’s possible to determine how many orders are large enough to require human approval, and on average how long each approval took. If you simulate your process using tooling provided by JBoss BPM Suite, you can adjust the number of humans working on the approval task in the process and set how long they take. By simulating hundreds or even thousands of process instances you can record the results of the orders flowing through your process and determine whether you need to staff your user task differently.