Burr SutterAlex Soto
April 2, 2020

Quarked testing | DevNation Tech Talk

Testing allows you to deliver your application with confidence that you're building the right thing and building the things right. Testing gives developers the confidence to refactor their code, add a new feature, or fix a bug knowing that nothing else is breaking. Quarkus brings to the Java ecosystem a way to develop cloud-first, container-native, serverless-focused, and Kubernetes-optimized. This is where GraalVM meets Quarkus, bringing server-side and enterprise-capable Java to help you build truly cloud-native apps. But, how do you test Quarkus applications and services? In this talk, we show how to test Quarkus applications and services. We'll look at how to test basic components, mocks, stubs, or (secured) RESTful web APIs. Also, we will cover more advanced topics such as persistence tests, service virtualization, and using containers for testing purposes. Come to this slideless session to learn in practice how to write tests for Quarkus.