Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI)

By Mike Guerette
April 9, 2021
Red Hat UBI book cover

As a developer, you need a source of container base images that have many of the qualities of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but that can be consumed by your users/customers without acquiring a Red Hat subscription. Red Hat provides this with Universal Base Images (UBI), a subset of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for building applications in containers - what’s different is they have their own unique EULA which means they are freely redistributable.


Read this new ebook to learn about benefits and more:

  • Learn why choosing a base image is strategically important for building cloud native apps
  • Same image can be used for both Red Hat and non Red Hat customers
  • Long-term support, updates, and stability - and it’s OCI compliant
  • Same Red Hat Enterprise Linux quality, compatibility, security, and level of testing
  • How your decisions on the software you place in your containers can have can have implications for the organizations that run your containerized application
  • Red Hat partners - get your products Red Hat certified have the ability to freely distribute other non-UBI and non-kernel Red Hat Enterprise Linux packages as well

Ebook Excerpt

UBI is a freely distributable subset of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to satisfy the runtime dependencies of container-based applications. Anyone can use UBI without a subscription. No registration with Red Hat is required. UBI retains the most desirable aspects of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, namely long-term updates and support. Updates to UBI and Red Hat Enterprise Linux share the same rigorous attention to security, reliability, compatibility, and performance.

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