No-Cost RHEL Developer Subscription now available

We are pleased to announce an improved software certification for Red Hat partner products built for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL 8). This new RHEL software certification validates the use of common best practices, improves joint supportability, and promotes your product in the new Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

What is this certification?

This certification now features a partner executable test suite that produces results that are then reviewed by Red Hat. Your non-containerized software is certified when the test results show successful interoperability with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 in a secure, supportable manner using best practices. Once verified, you can promote your product(s) in the Red Hat Ecosystem catalog.

In addition, Red Hat will grant partners a complimentary Limited membership to TSANet for collaborative customer case management to improve their ongoing user experiences.

Why Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the industry leader for enterprise Linux deployments, is the foundation of Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud portfolio, providing the underlying engine that allows complex workloads to be developed and deployed across physical, virtual, private, and public cloud environments with greater confidence and control. After just a few months, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is already the number one RHEL version among developers with hundreds of thousands of downloads.

To learn more about RHEL 8, visit the RHEL 8 Developer page.

Certification features 

This new Red Hat Enterprise Linux software certification means that:

  • Your executable is verified with a Red Hat seal of approval.
  • Your products are differentiated as more supportable, interoperable, and secure.
  • You get a Limited membership to TSANet (compliments of Red Hat) to improve supportability and your customers’ long term experiences.
  • You get complimentary technical assistance for certification

Partner benefits

The benefits partners receive from this certification include:

  • That your certified software is published and promoted in the new Red Hat Ecosystem catalog.
  • A co-branded product brief.
  • Exposure to the Red Hat sales force.
  • The opportunity to participate in Red Hat Partner Connect podcasts.
  • Social media awareness.

Customer benefits

The benefits customers receive from this certification are:

  • A greater degree of operability assurances when using Red Hat-certified products.
  • Mitigated security risks through verified best practices.
  • Improved supportability from Red Hat and Red Hat partners via TSANet.

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Last updated: August 21, 2023