Eclipse Che 7 and Quarkus

In this short video tutorial, hosted by Doug Tidwell, we'll take a look at the new Eclipse Che 7 interface along with Quarkus, the revolutionary new technology that can make Java applications very small and very fast.

In the course of this demo, we'll show how to set up a running workspace and run a simple app. To get started, we'll also be using Minikube version 1.2.0 and Helm version 2.14.1, both of which you'll need to have installed. For Che 7, we're using the chectl tool; note that we're using the July 30 build of chectl version 0.0.2. Finally, we assume you have wget installed as part of your operating system.

Follow along with the demo and see the power of Quarkus in action.

Watch the complete video below:

Last updated: November 8, 2023