I am happy to announce that DevConf.US registration is now open and the schedule is live. DevConf events are free, but online registration is required. If you are available August 17–19, 2018, we would love for you to come and participate.

Similar to DevConf.CZ, 2018 is the 1st annual, free, Red Hat sponsored technology conference for community project and professional contributors to Free and Open Source technologies (FOSS) at the Boston University in the historic city of Boston, USA.

You should consider attending this DevConf event if you are:

  • A developer
  • A technology architect
  • An IT consultant
  • An IT student or a teacher from an IT university/faculty
  • Or simply an IT enthusiast interested in the latest trends in open source and emerging digital technologies

The primary event themes this year are:

  • Containers and orchestration
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Serverless computing
  • Middleware technologies
  • Operating Systems
  • Testing, Debugging, Tracing and Software Quality
  • User Experience

Check the schedule for more details.

The event will be held at the George Sherman Union building on the Boston University campus.  DevConf events are free, without admission or ticket charge. On-line registration is required though.

However, Red Hat has graciously made scholarships available to support new and returning technologists who are interested in learning more about Red Hat technologies and open source by providing travel funding, child care funding, or any other financial support that would preclude you from attending.  Red Hat is particularly interested in people who are underrepresented in tech or have underprivileged backgrounds; including women, LGBTQ people, Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, veterans, people with neurological differences, and people with physical disabilities. To find out more and apply visit: Diversity Scholarships

Talks, presentations, and workshops will all be in English. For more information, please visit or email us at

On Thursday, August 16th, the day before the main event, there will be a day of CentOS talks and community gatherings.

Register now and join us in Boston!

Last updated: October 20, 2023