JBoss Developers Guide
Modern applications development demands optimized tools and services. Applications must integrate with different systems and share data. Organizations must be able to immediately respond to changing conditions. JBoss Middleware drives enterprise application innovation every day to deliver the best projects and products. Whether you are an experienced enterprise application developer or just getting started, JBoss: Developer’s Guide provides you with the best time to value guide for enterprise application delivery with the JBoss brand, using hands-on coding and lab exercises with real-life business examples. In-depth information is provided for multiple components of the JBoss Middleware ecosystem to guide you through application development, deployment, data storage and access, communication and messaging, and business process optimization.
First, detailed instruction on JBoss Developer Studio features and JBoss EAP enables you to develop and host your application, configure highly available deployments and build microservices, and package existing Java EE components as microservices. Next, you will learn about data storage and distributed data access using JBoss Data Grid, accessing data from local and remote caches and developing and deploying cache-based applications. You will use JBoss Data Virtualization tools to create aggregated, unified, and virtualized views from disparate data sources, create source models and virtual models, query joins data from various sources, and expose data views as a service. For application and component integration, JBoss Fuse architecture is discussed, and JBoss AMQ messaging platform is used to illustrate weakly coupled distributed systems. Through practical business cases, you will learn how to share data in a safe and reliable way.
Finally, the book explores automated business processes and rules with logic and event patterns for application flexibility. Learn how to make better decisions in your applications using JBoss Business Rule Management System (BRMS) to build rule-based applications, decision tables, and complex event handlers. Develop workflow applications using JBoss Business Process Management Suite. Activity modeling, event handling, and interaction with forms enable you to design and test real-life advanced business processes so that your applications can be quickly updated for environmental changes.
Transform the way you look at your applications. JBoss: Developer’s Guide has what you need to increase your development productivity with the power of JBoss Middleware and develop applications faster, smarter, and more flexible.

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Last updated: January 12, 2024