JBoss Developper's Guide

The JBoss Ecosystem is very large and diverse, while you are looking for step by steps and practical introduction to the major JBoss products or looking for tips to improve your business by coupling JBoss Products, this book is for you.

In a series of nine practical chapters, you will progressively;

  • Learn how to set up and maintain a JBoss Enterprise Application Server domain.
  • Build Microservices by coupling JBoss Undertow with the most popular Java EE frameworks like CDI, JPA.
  • Package Existing Java EE applications as Microservices with WildFly Swarm.
  • Create and interact with cached based applications built on JBoss Datagrid.
  • Cloudify your Data with JBoss Data Virtualization.
  • Start integration scenarios with JBoss Fuse.
  • Connect IoT systems with JBoss AMQ 7.
  • Learn how to rely on JBoss BRMS to make better decisions in your applications, build real-time decision server.
  • Get started with JBoss BPM to model and improve your business processes.

The book is available on Amazon and Packt Publishing Website.

Have a nice reading.

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Last updated: January 12, 2024