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Last week, our IoT partner, Eurotech, announced some important milestones--the availability of their Everyware Software Framework (ESF) 5.0 and a preview of a new version of their Everyware Cloud 4.2. These milestones are important examples of open source IoT innovation, through both Eurotech's commercial offerings and the upstream open source communities that contribute to them.

ESF 5.0 is based on the Kura project from the Eclipse IoT Working Group. It simplifies connecting industrial devices to IoT cloud services and manages many of the tasks associated with handling data at the edge. One new standout feature provides a low-code, graphical means to specify data collection, routing, storage, aggregation and transformation patterns for data coming from IoT devices.

Other new features include support for working with industrial IoT protocols such as Modbus or OPC-UA. ESF 5.0 also provides new connectivity options on the back end by introducing support for several cloud providers, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Eurotech’s own Everyware Cloud. Based on the Eclipse Kapua upstream project, Everyware Cloud is an open source IoT integration platform with services for managing devices and integrating IoT data with enterprise applications. Together ESF and Everyware Cloud (Kura and Kapua) form an edge-to-cloud platform for building and managing IoT systems.

Red Hat is working with Eurotech and other partners on message brokering, integration, and other services, contributing code to both the Eclipse Kura and Kapua open source projects. Join us in the Eclipse IoT Working Group and help us develop the first open source IoT framework. Visit for more information on how to get involved.

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Last updated: March 22, 2023