We founded Red Hat Open Innovation Labs this year with the aim of providing people with an incredible experience building applications the Red Hat Way. We’ve been busy gathering all of the best practices — inspired from the community and from inside Red Hat — to provide a platform to accelerate the delivery of innovative ideas.

In this two-part demo, you will learn about the technologies we use at Labs to accelerate modern application development the open source way, and how we use Ansible to automatically provision a soup-to-nuts environment for modern application development.

In the first part of the demo, you will see how we configure and build our push-button infrastructure to deploy a fully automated environment — in 60 minutes or less — for application development — on a public, private, or hybrid cloud.


In the second part of our demo, you will learn how this automated framework, powered by Ansible Tower, leads to container-based continuous integration and continuous delivery.


Our work is open-source by default. Our projects have lots of good activity coming in on a regular basis. Please check out what we're up to, and consider re-using or contributing: