Red Hat JBoss Core Services Collection is a group of common services that are critical for application developers. The services included change as new services and projects are added over time, but the idea is to include common, developer-friendly projects under a single subscription. The collection makes it much easier for developers to access these services.

The launch of the Core Services Collection includes services that focus on three areas: web servers, security, and monitoring.

New Components

There are six components available in the launch of Core Services Collection:

  • JBoss Operations Network, which is based on the former RHQ project (now Hawkular). From a high level, this is a monitoring and management server, but the key is that it is developed in parallel with other JBoss products, so there is tight integration with other JBoss products. This centralizes all management for JBoss middleware products and also for Java applications running on JBoss EAP.
  • An integrated single sign-on server based on the Keycloak project. This SSO server supports SAML 2.0, OAuth, and OpenID and it can work with LDAP servers and Active Directory for user identity management. Keycloak SSO makes it a lot easier to define user domains, federated identities, and client applications because it has a very simple graphical UI, as well as REST APIs.
  • The Apache Commons Jsvc daemon provides a way to manage Java virtual machines on Unix/Linux; in general, this is used as a wrapper for Java applications so that those applications can be managed by native system tools.
  • Apache HTTP server is the most-used web server in the world. Web servers are used to route traffic and load balance requests to JBoss EAP and other middleware servers.
  • Web connectors provide a connection with third-party web servers which need to interact with JBoss middleware products and may not have a native connection. For this release, there are two connectors available:
    • Microsoft IIS
    • Oracle iPlanet

Notes on Packaging

Each of the components within Core Services Collection is developed and released on its own, independent schedule. Some components are released as ZIP files, and some as RPMs. For this release:


  • JBoss Operations Network
  • Single sign-on (Keycloak)
  • Apache HTTP server
  • Apache Jsvc
  • IIS Connector
  • iPlanet Connector


  • Apache HTTP server
  • Apache Jsvc
  • JBoss Operations Network


JBoss Core Services Collection does require a subscription, so you need to be a Red Hat middleware customer. Every JBoss product subscription (with the exception of JBoss Web Server) automatically includes a subscription for Core Services Collection. So, if you already have a JBoss subscription, you can start using any services in the collection right now.

More Information

If you need more details, there are resources on both the Customer Portal and

Last updated: March 15, 2023