From May 10th to May 14th we arrived at Florianópolis (with a short travel to Campinas) to do what we love the most: talk to developers. We from Red Hat Developers had an amazing time with the developer community gathered together at both The Developer's Conference (TDC) Florianópolis and DevCamp.

Red Hat delivered a lot of great content to the audience, with speakers presenting dozens of talks in the Java EE, Java, Cloud Computing, Architecture, DevOps and .NET tracks. Congratulations and thank you to George Gastaldi, Eder Ignatowicz, Edson Yanaga, Ricardo Martinelli de Oliveira and Filippe da Costa Spolti for sharing your experience and expertise with 4200+ developers at Florianópolis and 700+ developers at Campinas!

The thing that most amazed us? The massive presence of developers interested to talk with Red Hat engineers at our booth. We had a lot of people interested in DevOps, Containers, OpenShift, Microservices, Wildfly Swarm, Forge and Drools. Thanks to this enthusiastic crowd we were able to earn an incredible achievement: they formed a huge line on the Expo Hall in front of the Red Hat booth and we ran out of swag on the first 30 minutes of the first day of the conference! We guess they loved our talk. Or our swag. Or both!

Edson Yanaga from our Developer Experience team also happened to be the Track Lead of the DevOps and Cloud Computing tracks of TDC. We had a lot of feedback from attendants of both tracks and we congratulate him for the great work!

On Friday we presented a keynote on TDC's opening, and Edson Yanaga showed to the audience some of the great stuff that the world's leading open source company is delivering to empower developers worldwide. We had a lot of .NET developers on the venue this day, and the Microsoft and Red Hat partnership with .NET on RHEL was very well received. .NET developers just can't wait to start developing and deploying their brand new apps on the world's most tried, tested and trusted platform: Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

A great conference is made not only of sessions and workshops, but also of happy hours! And we had a lot of very happy hours together with friends and attendees. We loved the shrimp, the cocktails, the beer... but most of all: the people. Can't get better than that: great food, great drinks and great talks with our new and old friends.

Between one appointment and other some of our people were invited for live interviews at the famous NightHacking site. Edson Yanaga talked about Java EE and Microservices, and George Gastaldi talked about Forge. You can check their recorded interviews below.

NightHacking Interview in English:

NightHacking Interviews in Portuguese:

That's all folks! We had a great time together, and see you next conference!

Last updated: September 19, 2023