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Developing with OpenShift without the Build Waits

As application systems move to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environments and every source code change results in a full build, a simple change can easily take minutes. This is much longer than developers are willing to wait to verify a change. And working in the cloud shouldn't mean loss of control and visibility into how an application is working.

In this session, we'll cover how OpenShift by Red Hat works closely with Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio to let you push code directly to a container, see your changes as you make them, debug live in deployment, and much more.

As a developer, using a platform that spends more than a few seconds to compile/builds every time you have a change  you want to test/see, you're going to spend your time waiting and idle more than anything else. OpenShift's build configuration will by default do a complete build every time it runs, including downloading and compiling all dependencies.

This session shows how to use the developer features of OpenShift to by-pass the full build in a developer environment. We'll cover JBoss Developer Studio's OpenShift tooling and command line features that allows you to quickly (almost instantly) see the results of code change in your deployed application running on OpenShift.

Peter Larsen is a fan of penguins, and is looking forward to DevNation.

"I'm excited to go so I can learn from my peers at Summit/DevNation! I love getting to see what exciting new stuff people have managed to create since last year. And of course lots of free beer :)"

Larsen is a Solutions Architect for a small group of technical experts in OpenShift who has worked with large government agencies to leverage and adopt the technology. Peter works on complex customer requirements and executing proof of concepts to satisfy a wide range of different environments and needs.

Peter brings more than 30 years of IT experience in the field, has worked as developer, consultant, DBA, Architect, Team Lead, mentor etc. using a wide list of platforms, languages and tools. Since 2010 Peter has worked with Red Hat's Public Sector team as a middleware SA and has taken his expertise on the platform to OpenShift.

With Red Hat, Peter has operated as a consultant for very large engagements, and Solutions Architect to present how business cases can be solved with Red Hat and Open Source technology in general. Peter has been engaged with OpenShift since it's inception and taken customers through the OpenShift 3 beta phase, presented at user groups on the technology behind OpenShift.

Personal addendum: While I've been in the IT industry for a life time, I always feel like I'm learning and have to catch up. I started programming at the ripe age of 10 or so, using a Univac 1100. In the time where home computers weren't known (70'ies) I had access to remote terminals and learned how to operate it with a 150baud modem. It gave me access to lots of games developed by university students which at that age made me interested in learning to program.

I have worked professionally in IT from around the age of 17, doing everything from system level programming to E-Business suites, Web Development, system integration, database optimization and lots more.

Today, working for Red Hat as a Solutions Architect I get to work a wide range of experiences helping our customers find the right solution to solve their problems.

Over the last 5 years I've followed OpenShift from version 1 to now version 3, and I'm responsible for making OpenShift implementations with customers that show-case the advanced features of the platform - beyond the sales talk, pretty slides and jargon.

Last updated: April 3, 2023