A day dedicated to digital transformation with microservices

Microservices day is coming to London! Organized by nearForm and sponsored by RedHat, the event takes place in the City of London’s iconic Barbican Centre on May 10, 2016. Registration is open now.

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Why attend?

Microservices Day is a one-day, single-track, non-profit event that focuses on the business benefits of utilizing microservices. It is aimed at chief digital officers, chief technical officers, chief information officers, VPs of engineering and senior tech decision makers. Learn how leading enterprises are leveraging digital transformation to achieve rapid delivery and be inspired by others who have achieved success in the field.

Microservices are an emerging software architecture that has delivered high impact results for early adopters like Netflix and Amazon. The architecture offers a new way to build enterprise software that makes it easier to deliver on rapidly changing requirements, easier to scale and cope with faults, and easier to avoid technical debt. But microservices are also highly controversial, with many software architects questioning the soundness of the approach, and whether it is truly new or just a variant of traditional service-oriented architecture. Microservices Day will help you answer those questions for yourself.

At nearForm, we’ve used our own experience from two years at the front lines of microservices to hand-pick a line-up of high-profile, experienced speakers:

Goals of the event

The event aims to bring together two worlds: technology unicorns and traditional enterprises.

Technology unicorns RedHat, Zalando, AutoScout 24, Netflix, Uber and Groupon will be talking about the speed they have been able to achieve as cloud-native technology companies, and about the state-of-the art of technologies that they are creating using the microservices architecture.

Traditional enterprises such as McKinsey, ADP, and TES will be talking about their transformations from traditional enterprises, where technology is an enabler, to technology companies, where technology is a differentiator. These companies will be sharing real-world lessons learned during this transition. Each company will talk about the journey they have been on from a business perspective as they transition to applying an engineering mindset to their business.

The discussions during Microservices Day will focus on where the microservices architecture is going as a technology, and how enterprises can use it for competitive advantage.

Our non-profit partner

All proceeds from ticket sales go to an organization that is close to our hearts: Women Who Code London.


Tickets for the conference are available now.

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