At DevNation 2015, Jason Hibbets  shared a behind the scenes look at, the talent behind it, their content strategy, and the results of the overall success of the site.

Why I liked it?

It was great to hear more about the inner workings of the team. Most importantly, I found it very informative with specific info on how to get involved in the community that participates in the site. Read more about it– they are looking for writers!

Best Quote

"I think the future of content development is building your community. We just do it somewhat a little different because we involve our community in our content." –Jason Hibbets

Compelling idea to use with your teams

Give everyone one day a week that is meeting free. Jason advocates a work from home day for his team, so that they have a good block of time each week to take care of the things they need to address.

In addition, Jason talked about how his team uses a 30-60-90 monthly system to help them deliver on the longer term strategic goals they have. This also helps them to find new writers, because they can keep an editorial calendar for the community. They use that 30-60-90 day plan to keep the calendar updated describing what content they would like to publish in the upcoming weeks.

Cool thing to check out
Biicode– published an article about their project in January 2015 and agreed to open source their code once they hit 10k users. With the publishing, they winded up open sourcing their code early!

Most Important Takeaway:

Make sure you understand your search engine optimization strategy if you are publishing content.

Last updated: January 13, 2023