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We just started this year and a lot has happened already. From now on, I will summarize the monthly happenings in JBoss to catch in one place.

A Year in Review
First thing a new year is all about is looking back. There's been plenty of recaps about 2014 for example by Eric Schabell who highlighted the most important events for JBoss Integration & BPM. Did you know, that there is a book called "OpenShift Primer" which got completely revised and helps you getting kick-started with all kinds of JBoss technologies on OpenShift.

WildFly and OpenShift
2015 started with awesome content. A two part series introduces you to Deploying a WildFly cluster on OpenShift Origin v3 (part 1 | part 2). And there's been even more blogs about how to Docker with JBoss by Arun Gupta and others. We're pretty sure, that Platform as a Service by OpenShift is in Your Future and enable you with everything you need to know starting with overviews about large enterprise projects and microservices down to the important details about clustering with WildFly9 and Undertow or how to configure SSL for WildFly or use JBoss apiman for your API Management needs.

Enterprise Java Development
If you're interested in how to implement successful solutions, you need to dig into tutorials or quickstarts. Learn how to create a simple Java EE (JSF) login page with JBoss PicketLink security or persist your first entity with Hibernate OGM. If you are looking for more content, check out the JBoss Demo Central for even more amazing tutorials.

New Releases
There's been plenty of new releases already this month. Teiid, JBoss Integration Tools, Arquillian, Infinispan, Byteman, AeroGear and Errai. Find all the details linked on the JBoss Weekly Editorial.

Red Hat Summit and DevNation
Don't forget that the Red Hat Summit, and its twin community event, the DevNation, is coming. Both CfPs are closed by now and we're going to assemble an amazing schedule for the attendees over the next couple of months with plenty of Red Hat technologies. DevNation had it's inaugural appearance last year and we're pretty happy to announce a lot of improvements and additions. So, stay curious!

See you next month!

Last updated: March 15, 2023