With April showers, comes talk about containers.  (Well, not exactly, but there's a lot of container discussion going on these days.)  Bhavna has produced this excellent article to summarize Red Hat's efforts on them.  Here's an excerpt:

"Let’s dive into world of containers. Red Hat customers often desire for their applications to run in a secure environment and have been seeking, whether they actually know it or not, a fully supported light weight application isolation solution.  At the other end of the spectrum, ISVs want to develop software applications that are easy to deploy, update, and scale.  They may also want to more precisely control certain runtime elements so as to reduce the risk of application failure, and desire a separation of host OS and runtime images.  And let’s not forget that developers stand to benefit from a world where they can build and package their applications into a small, portable runtime image; just think of the possibilities!"

Read the entire article:  The Application Apartment Complex: Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Linux Containers | Red Hat Enterprise Linux Blog, by Bhavna Sarathy.