Apologies that this has been so long in coming, but I was certain that we had already written a post on this subject. What subject you ask? How does one set one or more software collections as automatically enabled for your login.

Some of you may consider this obvious, but there are a number of ways to accomplish this goal. First, you just "source" the enable script from your .bashrc. For example

source /opt/rh/python33/enable

However, as this Red Hat kbase discusses, the best way to work around this problem is to create a new file, and put both the "source" line in but also to make sure to fix up the appropriate environment variables.

$ cat /etc/profile.d/enablepython33.sh
source /opt/rh/python33/enable
export X_SCLS="`scl enable python33 'echo $X_SCLS'`"

Also according to the same article, and from what I hear, we have some committed code that will provide a nicer way to do this, although still unsupported, in a soon to be released version of scl-utils.

Last updated: November 2, 2023