Siamak Sadeghianfar

Product Manager

Siamak has spent most of his career in various roles in engineering and application delivery processes. At Red Hat, he is a product manager for Tekton, Jenkins, CI/CD, and other developer initiatives on OpenShift and Kubernetes.


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Argo CD and Tekton: Match made in Kubernetes heaven

In this DevNation Tech Talk, help you combine the power of Tekton Pipelines with Argo CD for a declarative approach to CI/CD based on GitOps principles


The present and future of CI/CD with GitOps on Red Hat OpenShift

Learn where OpenShift CI/CD is today and how it's evolving toward the future through integrating cloud-native tools like Tekton, GitOps, and Argo CD.


OpenShift joins the Argo CD community (KubeCon Europe 2020)

Check out the open source Argo CD GitOps Kubernetes Operator for declarative configuration on Kubernetes clusters, now available on Red Hat OpenShift.


Speed up Maven builds in Tekton Pipelines

We look at how workspaces can be used to cache Maven dependencies in Java builds in order to remove the need to download dependencies for each build.


An introduction to cloud-native CI/CD with Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines

Learn more about OpenShift Pipelines, which enable the creation of cloud-native, Kubernetes-style CI/CD pipelines based on the Tekton project.


Getting Started with Istio and Jaeger on Your Laptop

About a year ago Red Hat announced its participation as a launch partner of the Istio project. We are now introducing the istiooc command-line tool and a set of pre-built Istio and Jaeger example scenarios that would make it even easier to get started with these technologies.