Clement Escoffier

Red Hat Reactive Chief Architect

Clement had several professional lives, from academic positions to management. Currently, he is mainly working as a Quarkus and Vert.x developer and is a Java Champion. He has been involved in projects and products touching many domains and technologies such as OSGi, mobile app development, continuous delivery, and DevOps. His main area of interest is software engineering—processes, methods, and tools that make the development of software more efficient and also more fun. Clement is an active contributor to many open source projects such as Apache Felix, iPOJO, Wisdom Framework, and Eclipse Vert.x, SmallRye, Eclipse MicroProfile, and Quarkus.


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Reactive Quarkus: A Java Mutiny

In this DevNation Tech Talk, we introduce the Mutiny reactive programming library and show how Quarkus and Mutiny simplify reactive application development.


How Quarkus brings imperative and reactive programming together

We take a deep dive into how Quarkus unifies imperative and reactive programming models and how Java developers can take advantage of it.


When Vert.x Meets Reactive eXtensions (Part 5 of Introduction to Vert.x)

In the last post, we saw how Eclipse Vert.x can interact with a database. To tame the asynchronous nature of Vert.x, we used Future objects. In this post, we are going to see another way to manage asynchronous code: reactive programming. We will see how Vert.x combined with Reactive eXtensions gives you superpowers.


Accessing Data - The Reactive Way

In this post we are going to see how we can use JDBC in an Eclipse Vert.x application, and this, using the asynchronous API provided by the vertx-jdbc-client.


Some REST with Vert.x (Part 3 of Introduction to Vert.x)

This post is part of the Introduction to Eclipse Vert.x series. In the last post, we saw how this application became configurable and how we can use a random port in a test. Let’s go a bit further this time and develop a CRUD-ish / REST-ish application.


Eclipse Vert.x Application Configuration (Part 2 of Introduction to Vert.x)

In this post, we are going to enhance our Eclipse Vert.x application we created in the previous post to support external configuration, and then show how to deal with different configuration sources.


Introduction to Eclipse Vert.x - My First Vert.x Application

This Vert.x crash class will present how you can develop a simple application using Vert.x, how to test it, package it and run it. So you have a great start on the road to building an amazing system on top of Vert.x.


SnowCamp 2018 Trip Report

Last week, Red Hat was present at the SnowCamp conference in Grenoble, France. The SnowCamp is a technical conference held in Grenoble and proposing a unique combination of deep dive sessions (universities), technical talks and a last day on the slopes.