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Open Data Hub and Kubeflow installation customization

Explore three options for customizing Open Data Hub or Kubeflow deployments: Edit manifests in a fork, create repositories with overrides, and add overlays.


A development roadmap for Open Data Hub

Check out the Open Data Hub team's plans for upcoming releases: making Kubeflow 1.0 available on Red Hat OpenShift, improving Kubeflow CI, and more.


Open Data Hub 0.6.1: Bug fix release to smooth out redesign regressions

Explore the bug fixes provided in Open Data Hub 0.6.1's Kubeflow Operator, manifests, testing, and continuous integration.


Open Data Hub 0.6 brings component updates and Kubeflow architecture

Explore the changes in Open Data Hub version 0.6, including significant changes to the overall architecture as well as component updates and additions.


Installing Kubeflow v0.7 on OpenShift 4.2

We preview the updates from Open Data Hub project that enable Kubeflow to run on Red Hat OpenShift.