Karina Varela

Principal Technical Marketing Manager

Karina is an expert on the matter of Business Automation. Currently Principal Technical Marketing Manager at Red Hat, she brings a solid background in development, architecting, delivering, and troubleshooting critical software in enterprise environments of different sectors around the world. She coordinates one of the biggest Java communities in the globe, SouJava, and in her free time, she contributes to the open-source community by writing and speaking tech events.

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Automating rule-based services with Java and Kogito

Learn a simpler way to write and apply business activity rules, using rule units in the Drools Rules Language (DRL) and the Kogito engine to automate business rules.


How to deliver decision services with Kogito

Get an overview of new support for Kogito's cloud-native runtime engine and tooling in Red Hat Decision Manager and Red Hat Process Automation Manager, then see a quick example integrating Kogito with Quarkus for fast, lightweight decision services.


Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.9 brings Apache Kafka integration and more

Get started with the additions to Process Automation Manager 7.9, including out-of-the-box integration with Apache Kafka and the new drools-metric module.


Red Hat Process Automation 7.7 brings updates, fixes, and tech previews

Explore the new business process automation features, improvements, and previews released in Red Hat Process Automation 7.7.


Kogito 0.8.0 features online editors and cloud-native business automation

Discover the enhancements and new features added to Kogito 0.8.0, such as the new Kogito online editors for BPMN and DMN.


Kogito tooling for friendly DMN and BPMN visualization on GitHub

Kogito tooling for BPMN and DMN Chrome Extension allows you to see business processes and rules directly on the GitHub webpage.


Kogito for Quarkus intelligent applications

Learn how to use Kogito to build intelligent Quarkus applications.


Good news: Business automation is not about SOA

This article explains why business automation is key for businesses in 2019 and the advantages of using a process-driven architecture--by way of products such as Red Hat Process Automation Manager (RHPAM)--to create software.