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Why glibc 2.34 removed libpthread

Consolidation of libraries in the GNU C library means more error-free builds, but there are consequences for developers and system administrators.


Building Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 for the x86-64-v2 microarchitecture level

Find out why Red Hat recommends building Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 for x86-64-v2 and what you can expect from this new, optional microarchitecture level.


Guidelines for instruction encoding in the NOP space

Instructions in the NOP space are an attractive way to provide new performance and security features; we show how to use them effectively.


How C array sizes become part of the binary interface of a library

We explain how C array sizes become part of the binary interface of a library and examine ways to avoid ABI compatibility issues.


How Red Hat developers can create handy shortcuts with Firefox keyword bookmarks

Keyword bookmarks turn the Firefox URL bar into a mini-command line, giving you direct access to bug reports, CVEs, RFCs, or anything with an ID and a URL.


Recommended compiler and linker flags for GCC

This article walks through a list of recommended build flags for when you compile your C or C++ programs with GCC. Do you know which build flags you need to specify in order to obtain the same level of security hardening that GNU/Linux distributions such as Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux use?