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Sofware Engineer

Eclipse Che & Eclipse Theia committer

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Performance and usability enhancements in Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces 2.2

Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces 2.2 brings performance and configuration improvements, a debug mode for workspaces, and CPU limits for IDE plugins.


Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces 2.1: Improved cloud tools bring more languages, better flow

CodeReady Workspaces 2.1 includes a new onboarding flow, Quarkus workspaces, improved VS Code support, plus .NET Core 3.1, Java 11, and Camel DSL support.


Extending Eclipse Che 7 to use VS Code extensions

This article explains the new plugin model in Eclipse Theia and the benefits for Eclipse Che 7 developer workspaces. It also covers how the new plugin model differs from the existing Theia extension model.