A-MQ Components

A-MQ is a suite of servers and clients that work together to form the foundation of a reliable distributed application.

A-MQ Broker

A-MQ Broker is a pure-Java multiprotocol message broker. It’s built on an efficient, asynchronous core, with a fast native journal for message persistence and the option of shared-nothing state replication for high availability.

  • Persistence - A fast, native-IO journal or a JDBC-based store

  • High availability - Shared store or shared-nothing state replication

  • Advanced queueing - Last value queues, message groups, topic hierarchies, and large message support

  • Multiprotocol - AMQP 1.0, MQTT, STOMP, OpenWire, and HornetQ Core

  • Integration - Full integration with Red Hat JBoss EAP

A-MQ Broker is based on the Apache ActiveMQ Artemis project.

A-MQ Interconnect

A-MQ Interconnect is a high-speed, low-latency AMQP 1.0 message router. You can deploy multiple A-MQ Interconnect routers to build a fault-tolerant messaging network that connects your clients and brokers into one seamless fabric.

  • Disaster recovery - Deploy redundant network routers across geographies

  • Advanced routing - Control the distribution and processing of messages on your network

  • Integration - Connect clients, brokers, and standalone services

  • Management - Streamlined management makes large deployments practical

A-MQ Interconnect is based on the Apache Qpid Dispatch project.

A-MQ Clients

A-MQ Clients is a suite of AMQP 1.0 messaging APIs that allow you to make any application a messaging application. It includes both industry-standard APIs such as JMS and new event-driven APIs that make it easy to integrate messaging anywhere.

  • New event-driven APIs - Fast, efficient messaging that integrates everywhere

  • Industry-standard APIs - JMS 1.1 and 2.0

  • Broad language support - C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, and .NET

  • Wide availability - Linux, Windows, and JVM-based environments

A-MQ Clients is based on the following projects.

A-MQ Console

A-MQ Console is a central point of control for your A-MQ deployment. It is a web-based management console with the ability to monitor and modify a deployment in real time.

A-MQ Console is based on the JBoss Hawtio project.

Last updated: February 26, 2024