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"The most successful companies today are those that understand the strategic role that developers will play in their success or failure." — Stephen O'Grady, The New Kingmakers

A good hackathon is a showcase for what technology, innovation, and creativity can deliver. A great hackathon lets you apply your skills to problems and challenges that inspire you. That's why we thought our readers would want to know about Hack APAC: The new normal is yours—which challenges developers to address new scenarios emerging in a post-COVID world.

Help define the new normal for a post-COVID world

Hack APAC is all about using Red Hat OpenShift to build Kubernetes-native applications that make life safer, easier, and less stressful for clients and customers in a post-COVID world. Here are some examples of the types of problems you might solve:

  • Help travelers navigate constantly changing travel restrictions and processes.
  • Assist people who have been impacted by the pandemic.
  • Improve the home-based learning experience.
  • Make working from home less stressful for the whole family.

Your submission could address any of these or a similar type of project.

How to participate

The goal is to build (or update) a functioning open source project that showcases the technical benefits of the tooling available on OpenShift. There are just a few rules:

Note: Registration for the hackathon is open now! Register here.

Who's the judge?

Judges will evaluate submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the idea
  • Implementation
  • Ease of use and user experience
  • Potential impact and value

Our panel of judges includes:

What's the prize?

Hack APAC's first prize winner will take home $10,000, have an opportunity to meet virtually with a Red Hat executive, and will get industry exposure and recognition through articles and social media posts on redhat.com and developers.redhat.com. See Table 1 for all prizes.

Note: Winners will be announced at the Hack APAC closing ceremony on December 3, 2021.

Table 1: Hackathon prizes.


Prize items

1st prize

  • US $10,000 cash
  • Meet and greet (virtual) with a Red Hat executive
  • Blog post on redhat.com and developers.redhat.com
  • Social media recognition on official Red Hat channels

2nd prize

  • US $5,000 cash
  • Blog post on redhat.com and developers.redhat.com
  • Social media recognition on official Red Hat channels

3rd prize

  • US $3,000 cash
  • Social media recognition on official Red Hat channels

Participation prizes

  • Red Hat Cool Stuff Store voucher valued at $25 USD (capped at first 100 project submissions)

    Tech support

    Hack APAC hosts weekly open office hours where technical experts share best practices and are available to answer your questions. Participants also have access to a Slack channel for asking questions. See these online resources for more support learning about the technologies used for this hackathon:

    Ready to code?

    Warm-up your keyboards, prepare your coffee, and let’s get started helping define the "new normal." Registration is open now. Program terms, conditions, and other details can be found on the Hack APAC website.

    Last updated: September 20, 2023