Red Hat Developer Program

Software Collections: Easy Access To The Cutting Edge (Langdon White)

In most subscriptions, Red Hat offers access to the Red Hat Software Collections (RHSCL) and Developer Toolset (DTS). RHSCL has 20+ content sets, providing recent-but-stable versions of languages, databases, web servers, etc.—like, ruby 2.2, postgresql 9.4, and nginx 1.6—that you use for development and production runtime. The DTS provides recent-but-stable content used mainly in development—for example, Eclipse, gcc, git. Come learn how and when to use this content in RPMs and Docker containers. We will show you how to launch Drupal in minutes and install Eclipse Mars. We will also demonstrate how to build containers using this content, which makes your Dockerfiles much simpler. Lastly, we will show you how OpenShift 3 can use the same content sets.