Clement Escoffier
September 21, 2017

The Reactive landscape | DevNation Tech Talk

A DevNation Live session. Reactive Programming, Reactive eXtensions, Reactive Streams, Reactive Systems, Reactive Manifesto, that's a lot of 'reactive' thingies. Just to make it even more confusing, 'reactive' is often associated with asynchronous, scalability, RX libraries (RX Java, RX JS), back pressure, streams, observables, futures, promises, spreadsheets and so on… That's a lot to digest… This session helps you understanding what's behind the 'reactive' word. It explores the reactive landscape and explains what all these 'things' are and how they are related. Attendees don't only learn what does 'reactive' mean, but also how it is related to their projects and applications. By providing a global overview of the reactive landscape, this session also provides to the attendees a general understanding of the 'reactive' trend, and why it matters. The presentation uses several live coding demos to explain the different concepts. It uses Eclipse Vert.x as a playground to explain how all these concepts work together. Eclipse Vert.x is a toolkit to build reactive and distributed systems on the JVM. It supports a set of languages such as Java, JavaScript, Ceylon, Scala and Kotlin… but also a set of programming styles (callbacks, futures, streams, RX... ). It covers a large part of the reactive spectrum making it a great choice to implement reactive applications and systems.