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Jim Whitehurst keynote (2011 Red Hat Summit & JBoss World)

Red Hat President and CEO Jim Whitehurst gives the feature keynote at the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBossWorld. Hear Whitehurst speak about the principles and ideologies of openness and user-driven innovation, in technology and in life. From the business value inherent in today's virtualization and cloud technologies to the political changes possible in the world when people are willing to set aside the idea of complete and total ownership and work together, the principles are one and the same. Whitehurst details how collaboration, openness, and choice are the cornerstones of a truly free and innovative world. He discusses the growth of cloud and the changes within the data we use and the datacenter we store our information in. He gives an broad view of the future Red Hat believes in and the way our technologies and ideals can shape the next generation of technology into something that benefits us all. See more videos from the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBossWorld: