Red Hat Developer Program
August 11, 2015

DevNation 2015 - Lincoln Baxter & George Gastaldi - Automate development with JBoss Forge

Automating tedious user tasks can increase productivity and save you money. While there are numerous tools for the continuous integration of software, many developers still rely on hand-made shell scripts, clumsy integrated development environment (IDE) wizards, or endless Google searches for generating companion project artifacts like dependency-management settings, database and ORM configuration, simple CRUD services, test-environment setup, or deploying into the cloud. JBoss Forge fills that niche in the software-development life cycle. JBoss Forge offers: A simple, modular, easy-to-grasp model for developing pluggable components that can fit in any phase of a programmer's daily life. The ability to use any programming language, database, or server you choose. An easy, testable way to define your own tools, wizards, and extensions. In this session, you will learn about JBoss Forge 2, how to extend it, and how to make commands that run on the native Shell and your favorite IDE without any code changes.