Red Hat Developer Program

DevNation 2015 - Jennifer Krieger - So you want to be a DevOps engineer?

You've worked hard and mastered every coding language on the planet, including COBOL. You know jenkins, travis, go, puppet, chef, CFengine, nagios, github, graphite, logstash, ansible, aws, gce, vagrant, cms, cvs, abc, 123, and even a little bit of TFS. Your resume is up to date, and you are ready for your next job. But you might be missing a key skill. Industry trends in engineering show a growing desire in companies to hire people who have proven soft skills, are good at collaborating with others, and can regularly solve the most complex problem we face today: effectively talking to our fellow humans. Join Jen for a conversation about the journey of becoming more comfortable with collaboration and open communication. Topics will include: Collaborate-or-die survival skills. Dreaded soft skills and how to become comfortable with them. What to do in common situations that all engineers face. How to convince others that your idea is the right idea. How to get the time you need to get your work done.