Red Hat Developer Program
August 11, 2015

DevNation 2015 - Duncan Doyle, Tristan Tarrant - Cross-region cloud deployments with Infinispan

Infinispan is an extremely scalable, highly available, key-value datastore and data grid. The platform is highly flexible and can be deployed in environments ranging from on-premise physical hardware to elastic cloud environments. In this session, we'll demo how to deploy a cross-region Infinispan (JBoss Data Grid) cluster in the Amazon cloud (AWS). We'll cover the challenges faced when deploying a data grid in a single cloud region, as well as how to set up Infinispan x-site replication spanning multiple regions in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Topics discussed will include: The discovery of Infinispan nodes in a cloud environment. x-site replication across AWS EC2 regions. The new x-site state transfer feature in Infinispan 7. The remote listeners over the HotRod protocol. We'll also review the challenges imposed by the CAP theorem in a single grid in a single region and discuss data consistency challenges and possible solutions in a x-site, cross-region setup.