Ken Finnigan

Decomposing A Java EE Monolith Into WildFly Swarm Microservices

In this session we'll introduce you to WildFly Swarm through the migration of TicketMonster from a Java EE monolith to Java EE microservices for parts of the stack. The services will be discoverable, provide failover with Netflix Ribbon, and utilize Netflix Hystrix for circuit breaking. TicketMonster, a full Java EE application, will be dissected into appropriate services while also retaining Java EE pieces that are appropriate. We'll then walk through several required aspects for a full services architecture. This will include securing these services with Keycloak; registering services for discovery via JGroups, Consul or Zookeeper; service logging to external sources such as logstash; and capturing service metrics with Hawkular and DropWizard Metrics. By the end of the session, we'll have converted some pieces of a Java EE application into services, while learning how WildFly Swarm integrates with external tools to provide a complete solution for service delivery.