Red Hat Developer Program

Cloudy with a chance of BMWs

Are you interested in all things JBoss+Cloud, then this is your opportunity to ask. Bob McWhirter (BMW) is lead JBoss Cloud Architect and will cover projects like BoxGrinder, Steam Cannon and CirrAS. Now is your opportunity to see the next generation of IT infrastructure and Platform as a Service using JBoss technologies. Presenter: As the chief architect for middleware cloud computing at Red Hat, Bob McWhirter leads a team of engineers that is paving the way for the enterprise cloud computing paradigm shift. Named a Red Hat Fellow in 2009, McWhirter joined Red Hat in 2007 and is responsible for navigating the cloud as it relates to Red Hat’s middleware technologies within the JBoss Community and via JBoss Enterprise Middleware. He also leads the TorqueBox project, creating a Ruby application server on top of the core JBoss Application Server. Prior to joining Red Hat, McWhirter served as a founding engineer at Radar Networks, where he spent nearly two years working on the semantic-Web platform He is also the founder of the Codehaus open source community.