Red Hat Developer Program
August 2, 2011

Brian Stevens keynote (2011 Red Hat Summit & JBoss World)

Red Hat Chief Technical Officer and Vice President Brian Stevens gives a keynote at the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBossWorld. Stevens discusses his ten-year tenure at Red Hat and the inspiration he finds in today's work--as much or more than he did when he joined the company. He begins with a look at the proprietary architectures of the past--expensive hardware that was difficult and expensive to manage and maintain, and hard to move away from when technologies improved. Today's technology outlook is very different. Flexible, open stacks that allow for vendor choice are replacing sunset old hardware and giving enterprise users the ability to take advantage of the newest developments. Stevens discusses the implementation of cloud technology and the open source infrastructure that runs many of the major deployments in business use today. He talks about the benefits of foundational change that are creeping in to even the most proprietary companies, and reviews some of the technical tools we use today, including Linux Torvalds' git and new Red Hat offerings like OpenShift. Video presentations allow him to share the experiences of expert Red Hat developers and product line managers, as well as partners and customers who have built their business on Red Hat. See more videos from the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBossWorld: Find out more about OpenShift: