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Documents Links Section

There are many resources available for Red Hat JBoss Fuse here on Red Hat Developer Program and on the Red Hat Customer Portal. On this page, we highlight our pick of those resources.

JBoss Fuse 7.2.0

Release Information

Release Notes

What's new in Red Hat Fuse

Migration Guide

Migrating to Red Hat Fuse 7.2

Maintenance Schedule

Released patches for the Fuse family of products

Fuse Online

Fuse Online Sample Integration Tutorials

Instructions for Creating Sample Integrations

Integrating Applications with Fuse Online

User's guide to integrating applications with Fuse Online

Connecting Fuse Online to Applications and Services

Instructions for Using Provided Connectors

Fuse on OpenShift

Designing APIs with Apicurito

Designing REST APIs for Fuse on OpenShift applications

Fuse on OpenShift Guide

Installing and developing with Red Hat Fuse on OpenShift

Fuse Standalone Getting Started

Installing on Apache Karaf

Installing Red Hat Fuse on the Apache Karaf container

Installing on JBoss EAP

Install Fuse 7.2.0 on JBoss EAP 7.2

Getting Started

Get started quickly with Red Hat Fuse!

Fuse Standalone Administration

Deploying into Spring Boot

Building and running Spring Boot applications in standalone mode

Deploying into Apache Karaf

Deploying application packages into the Apache Karaf container

Deploying into JBoss EAP

Deploying application packages into the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) container

Apache Karaf Security Guide

Making it safe for your systems to work together

Apache Karaf Transaction Guide

Writing transactional applications in Red Hat Fuse


Managing Fuse
Managing Fuse applications with Hawtio and Prometheus

Release Notes and Known Issues

Highlighted features in 12.0

Installation Guide

Installing Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio

Tooling User Guide

Tooling User Guide

Tooling Tutorials

Tooling Tutorials


Apache Camel Development Guide

Develop applications with Apache Camel

Apache CXF Development Guide

Develop applications with Apache CXF Web services

Apache CXF Security Guide

Protecting your services and their consumers


Apache Karaf Console Reference

Reference for the Apache Karaf shell commands

Apache Camel Component Reference

Configuration reference for Camel components

Build Something Today

Let's walk through everything you need to build your first application.